Anyone with a close relationship with weed must have thought about how to improve the experience. Many ways will tell you how to get really high. It does not mean that all the options that work for others will work equally well for you. All the recommendations are too general, while your use of cannabis is too personal. Still, these tricks and tips can be valuable, so check them out to make up your mind. 

Proven tips on how to get higher from smoking weed

The essence of marijuana’s action is always the same: the THC molecule binds to brain receptors and activates cannabinoid receptors. In turn, they activate the neurotransmitters, which affect the pleasure centers in the brain and cause euphoria, relieve pain, and calm. Therefore, the obvious way seems to be to increase the amount of weed smoked or choose more cannabinoid-rich marijuana. Still, it doesn’t always work that way. There are 10 ways how to have a good high, and here they are.

Change the weed sort

It is the easiest way how to get high. Try different options: Lemon Haze, or Skywalker. Every time, you will get a different experience, and it won’t let you down.

Try different ways to smoke

50% of success depends on the method of smoking. If you’re a regular bongo player, try a joint, glass pipe, or vaporizer. The question does not always sound like “How much weed does it take to get high?” Changing the way you consume marijuana will diversify and enhance your experience.

Break the routine

When you are on a plateau, smoking probably became your routine. Your body has adapted, but the change in environment makes your weed experience more attractive. Just try it with new people or in new places.

Add physical activity before the weed session

Training in the gym, jogging, even a leisurely walk — these are great physical activities that make your brain release endorphins. If after that, you add some smoked weed or edibles, the question of how to have a good high will be solved.

Chop the bud evenly

The bud gives maximum benefits after grinding. It is easier for you to pack it, and it also burns evenly. It allows you to get the most out of each bud.

Eat mangoes, drink coffee

Do you want one unexpected way how to get really high? Mango! The fruit contains myrcene, a compound that interacts with THC in cannabis and enhances its psychoactive properties. So, you get two bonuses at once:

  1. You get really high.
  2. Enjoy the pleasant taste of mango.

A cup of coffee drunk before you start inhaling has a similar effect. Scientists have confirmed this fact, so the result is guaranteed.

Inhale and exhale according to the 4-2-4 scheme

Breathe correctly:

  • Count to 4 as you inhale;
  • Hold your breath for 2 seconds;
  • Exhale for 4 seconds.

Put down the mouthpiece and breathe oxygen after that. The smoke will get deeper into the lungs, and you will get a stronger effect.

Have a weed vacation

The more you smoke, the higher your tolerance to cannabis. If your head is already in the clouds, and you’re still looking for the answer to how much weed does it take to get high, just take a break. The next time, it will be easier for you to do your best if you have a non-smoking day.

Combine with meditation

The main goal of any meditation is to calm the mind and relax the body. Marijuana does the same thing. Combine weed with meditative practices, and your overall results will increase. If you look at the activities of many religious sects, they often use ganja to expand consciousness and experience mindfulness. 

Try edibles

Edible is a win-win option. You can choose any goodies with a pleasant surprise inside, and it will be a different experience, but often intense and high. The treat formulation combines THC with various ingredients that enhance your well-being. 


Combine different ways how to get more high to improve your weed-smoking experience. It doesn’t always require a higher dosage, so you can experiment safely, and that’s really cool. 


Check out the different strains: Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. If you have already tried ordinary varieties, you may like something from the premium segment: Irish Cream or Tang Breath. All of them are high in THC, so this will give you the best chance of getting as high as you want.

How much weed does it take to get high depends on your preferences and your body's tolerance to ganja. If you are looking for how to get really high, varieties with 10-20% THC are optimal. Each organism has a unique biochemistry, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Start with microdoses and increase gradually to feel the high.

There is no confirmed case of marijuana overdose, regardless of the method of use: smoking or edibles. You won't get any life-threatening effects, so weed is the safest drug.