Crypto currency is safe and secure method of payment when you can also stay anonymous. Our website uses cryptocurrency as the main method of the payment. To make any payments with a cryptocurrency you need to do this few steps:

1. Get cryptocurrency

The most popular way to buy cryptocurrency is via exchanges such as binance or coinbase . Furthermore a lot of other platforms such as wirex and revolut offer to buy crypto with the lowest commission by exchanging fiat money on the spot straight within your account.

*please bear in mind – we accept limited types of crypto: Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Monero( MXR), Ethereum (ETH)

**Monero (MXR) is the most privacy oriented and untraceable crypto currency currently available. We highly suggest considering that crypto-currency first.

2. Transfer cryptocurrency

Basic principle of transferring cryptocurrency is the same as moving funds from one bank account to the other. When you purchase your crypto coins – you get them on your personal account (address) also called wallet. Crypto exchanges have wallets built in. Those wallets do not have any personal information or any of your data. Furthermore there are plenty of wallet/applications such as electrum or multi crypto currency wallets as exodus  where you could purchase crypto from 3rd party services.

Сrypto wallet is represented as digits and number combination of a specific format, we suggest to double check the format and the coin abbreviation when you transfer it the very first time

When you decide to pay with crypto – you need to make sure you selected correct crypto coin, insert the address of the recipient and the amount you would like to transfer 

When you place an order on our website you get a unique address where to send your coins including the amount.

3. Complete a transaction

If the transaction is successful  you will see notification and complete details of the transfer – the most important information is the transaction ID, recipient address and sender address. There are services where you could check your transaction status such as blockchair. Furthermore – it is your evidence of the payment (transaction id)

When you place an order on our website after the payment is complete – nothing else needs to be done from your side. Our software will automatically detect the transaction in blockchain and will confirm the order


Below we have added thorough video guide on how to place an order on our website using cryptocurrency

We have gathered some useful information which should simplify your relationships with crypto currencies

If you already have crypto wallet you could purchase cryptocurrency in p2p exchanges and other services with the best possible exchange rate:

Paying with Monero Tips(XMR):

As we discussed above, the best privacy oriented crypto currency is Monero (XMR)
To set up Monero wallet you would need to download Monero GUI:

Follow this short video to setup the wallet correctly:

*please make sure you back up your mnemonic phrase because if you loose access to the wallet for any reason you won’t be able to restore the access to it without that phrase.

The best way to purchase Monero way would be to use Localmonero P2P exchange . The main benefit purchasing Monero there is that it is P2P platform hence no KYC or any other form of verification is needed. Monero can also be purchased via PayPal, Revolut etc. simply adjust the filter on the website.

PLEASE BE AWARE : since it’s P2P platform – please pay attention to sellers rating to avoid being scammed

Paying with BITCOIN Tips(BTC):

So, the easiest way to get the wallet where you would keep your bitcoin would be to install Coinomi wallet – it’s very privacy-oriented wallet and you can do it for either on PC: or your mobile phone from the Application store.

After you install it – go into app and it will offer you to create the wallet. There you should choose the coin you would like to pay with and it will be added to your account.

After that, Coinomi has built in service called Cyrpto (Simplex) from which using your credit/debit card you can purchase crypto currency straight to your wallet BUT please be aware that it charges relatively high fees. Please make sure you have added your exact wallet address of the selected crypto currency as it is shown in Coinomi because if you have purchased it and used wrong address, you wont be able to recover your money.

Simplex link

Alternatively, you could use this 3 minutes video which will show you how to set up your wallet properly:

If you have any further questions with the payment please feel free to contact our support directly via telegram @hub420_support

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