When people only start getting into smoking, they are greeted by seemingly endless options of marijuana to try. One of the most popular questions that more experienced smokers and sellers at dispensaries receive is about the best weed strains. This is a challenging question as there is no such thing as the best sativa strains. They can be of high quality or not, offer drastically different effects, and simply suit certain people better depending on their tastes. In this article, you can learn more about weed strains in general and popular kinds in different categories.

Understanding Weed Strains

There are numerous weed types available today. All kinds of marijuana plants can be divided into three main categories: sativa, indica, and hybrids. These are the species of the cannabis plant, where indica and sativa are different species, and hybrids are mixes of the two. It is commonly believed that indica has a more relaxing effect on the user, whereas sativa results in more energy. Modern research shows that this is not necessarily the case, and the difference is in other aspects, such as the appearance of the plant, its biological classification, etc. The fun begins when we start talking about the specific strains.
Strains are individual varieties of marijuana plants with their unique scents, tastes, and effects. These are like separate brand names for a general product category. By picking specific strains, people are essentially buying a certain product that caters to their requirements. Many strains have unique names that can be funny, confusing, or even offensive. The names are usually decided by breeders that created a specific strain. If you want the best weed strain, you need to find one that will work for you specifically.

Factors for Evaluating the Best Weed Strains

While the best strains of weed can change from person to person depending on their preferences, some criteria help with evaluating the quality of a cannabis strain. For example, you can like a certain strain, but it can still be low quality. Here are some of the factors to consider when looking for the best strain of weed:

  • Scent – marijuana has a distinct smell overall, but each strain can be distinguished by its unique aroma with specific notes. You want to look for buds with a strong aroma as this indicates high potency and better quality. Weed with a subtle scent is like this because it usually has lower potency and is dry and old. Cannabis buds can give off various aromas with different notes, such as skunk, citrus, gas, earthy scent, and more.
  • Form – there is a lot to consider visually when we are trying to decide what is the best weed strain. Simply by looking at the buds, experts can tell a lot about the quality of marijuana. For example, indica types are usually thicker and denser, while indica strains are thinner and more open. The pistils, or hairs found on buds, should be orange and bright because darker grey ones mean that the buds are dry.
  • Moisture – high-quality cannabis buds must be dried properly. A good bud is not too moist, as it can mold, and not too dry to the point that it crumbles and turns to dust. Good-quality buds have some spring to them and maintain their shape. They also should have some stickiness as the trichomes produce this resin-like substance.

These are some of the main criteria for determining the best cannabis strain.

Popular Sativa Strains

Now, it is time to look through some of the best strains that you can try. If you are interested in sativa variations of cannabis, here are some of the top choices:

  1. Durban Poison – this one has high THC content and produces an energizing and uplifting effect. This is a pure sativa strain with a sweet vanilla smell and pine and save taste.
  2. Amnesia – this strain makes people energized and talkative. The flavors are earthy and spicy and remind of tobacco.
  3. Sour Diesel – if you are looking for a creativity and energy boost, this is a great strain to try. As the name suggests, it tastes of diesel and has a skunky smell.
  4. Green Crack – this one makes people not only energized and ready to go but helps with focus. It has a fruity flavor with citrus and mango notes.
  5. Chocolope – this strain is high in THC and sparks creativity with an energy boost. People love its nutty flavor with hints of coffee and chocolate.
  6. Super Silver Haze – another strain with a high THC profile is great for its uplifting effect. The flavors are herbal and citrusy with a bit of spice.
  7. Strawberry Cough – this uplifting strain makes smokers talkative and energized. The name of this one explains its sweet strawberry flavor.
  8. Lucid Blue – with a decent THC content, this strain is good for being focused and energetic. It is known for its nutty and peppery flavor.
  9. Sour Breath – this strain is rather high on THC. Try it to enhance your creativity and get some energy. The flavors remind of gas and pine with a hint of fruitiness.
  10. Tropicana Cookies – this uplifting and energizing strain is popular among many weed smokers. It is tropical and citrusy, just as the name suggests.

Beloved Indica Strains

Now, moving to the best indica strains, there are a lot of great varieties to try:

  1. Superman OG – if you want to relax and chill, this is a nice option. It has a piny and skunky scent and makes people hungry.
  2. Ice Cream Cake – rather high on THC, this strain makes you sleepy and relaxed. It offers a great sweet and buttery flavor of vanilla ice cream.
  3. Zkittlez – this strain is perfect for relaxing after a long tiring day. With a mix of fruity flavors like grapes and berries, many smokers love it.
  4. Granddaddy Purple – with medium THC content, this variety is very calming and relaxing. The flavors include berries and floral notes.
  5. Northern Lights – this strain is loved for its pine flavor with earthy notes. It will make you relaxed and hungry for some delicious food.
  6. Slurricane – a very calming strain with a decent amount of THC is perfect for relaxation. It is sweet and reminds of berries and grapes.
  7. Blue Cheese – just like any indica strain, this one will make you sleepy and relaxed, but smokers also love it for making people giggly. Its funky flavor reminds of blue cheese and blueberries.
  8. Mendo Breath – this strain has a tingly effect and causes sleepiness. Try it for its earthy flavor with peppery and vanilla notes.
  9. Forbidden Fruit – this one is for the fans of fruity flavors. This tropical strain with mango notes will make you sleepy and hungry.
  10. King Louis – an extremely calming variety of indica is great for relaxing. It is woody and earthy.

Versatile Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are extremely popular for great combinations of effects and flavors. Check out some of the best hybrid strains:

  1. Wedding Cake – this is one of the top strains ever. It is high in THC and makes people relaxed and aroused. The flavors are sweet and peppery.
  2. Runtz – an energizing strain with fruity and berry flavors and a sweet aroma.
  3. Blue Dream – this energizing hybrid will spark your creativity. The flavors are sweet with berry notes.
  4. Oreoz – a nice calming strain with a decent content of THC. The flavors are tobacco and vanilla.
  5. Apple Fritter – relaxing strain with higher THC content that will make you tingly and giggly. Apple and butter flavors explain its name.
  6. Jealousy – slightly lower on THC, this one makes people talkative and giggly. It has plum and earthy flavors.
  7. OG Kush – this classic strain produces euphoria and calming effect. The flavor profile is earthy and woody.
  8. Biscotti – try it, and you will feel tingly and hungry. It reminds of vanilla and honey.
  9. Dosidos – this one is pungent with flowery notes. It makes people sleepy and relaxed.
  10. Pineapple Express – an extremely energizing and uplifting strain with pineapple and mango flavors.

Unique and Exotic Strains

There are so many strains to choose from, and some of them are more unique and unusual than others:

  1. Amnesia Haze – an energizing sativa strain with prominent citrus flavors.
  2. Skywalker OG – a nice spicy and earthy hybrid for relaxation.
  3. Four Way – a skunky indica strain with peppery notes.
  4. Snowcap – a hybrid for energy and creativity with a minty and lemony taste.
  5. White Widow – great strain for creativity with a spicy and earthy taste.
  6. Frisian Duck – a sweet and spicy hybrid that will boost your energy.
  7. Malawi Gold – an arousing and uplifting strain with a tropical and minty taste.
  8. Hindu Kush – earthy and spicy indica strain with a calming and sleepy effect.
  9. Lemon Skunk – uplifting variety with a skunky and lemony taste.
  10. Black Truffle – arousing and energizing strain that tastes of apple and lavender.

How to Choose the Best Weed Strain

Now, you know how to pick high-quality strains, but what about the best ones? In reality, everyone has different opinions about the top weed strains because everyone has different tastes. Keep trying something new to find what works for you, and you will discover your personal best strain.