One question that people always have regarding cannabis is about the strongest weed. Even if you are only a beginner smoker, it is interesting to learn about the most potent marijuana strains that exist today. Of course, the strongest weed strains in the world are not for everyone, and for many people, it is simple curiosity. Only experienced smokers can handle very potent cannabis strains and enjoy their effects, although this is not the ultimate goal for many people. In this article, you will discover the strongest strain of weed and a list of other variations with high THC content.

Criteria for Ranking the Strongest Weed Strains

The thing that makes the strongest weed strains is called THC. This is a psychoactive element found in cannabis that produces the high, which is what most smokers are after. Every cannabis strain has a certain THC content, and it is possible to know the percentage by using specialized kits to test your weed or buying from reliable sources. Marijuana breeders can control the THC percentage in the strains they are growing and use various strains to cross-breed them and obtain even more potent varieties. The strongest weed strain now is much more potent than the ones we had previously, as the demand for cannabis with high THC increases, and growers develop more potent varieties each year.

Highest THC Strains

The modern cannabis market is booming, and there are hundreds of high THC strains available. Below, you will learn what the strongest weed currently is and what some other highly potent marijuana strains are.

Godfather OG

If we are talking about the highest THC strain now in 2023, experts say that it is Godfather OG. Its THC is considered 30% or even higher, up to 35%. The amount of CBD is insignificant. This is a hybrid that consists of 60% indica and 40% sativa. It has an earthy and spicy taste with a relaxing effect that also makes you sleepy and euphoric.

Wedding Cake

Wedding Cake strain has a 24% THC content, and more experienced smokers love it. The CBD content is 1%. This is a hybrid that makes people relaxed and aroused. The taste is vanilla and pepper.

Kush Mints

Another extremely potent strain with 28% THC and 1% CBD. This hybrid makes people relaxed, aroused, and euphoric. It has a menthol flavor with pine notes.

Ice Cream Cake

This strain is pure indica and has a 22% THC content. The CBD content is only 1%. It is perfect for relaxing and makes you hungry. The tastes include butter and vanilla.


MAC strain is a hybrid with a 22% THC content and 1% CBD. It has an uplifting effect and makes people happy and relaxed. It tastes of orange and pepper with mainly citrusy notes.

Bruce Banner

This one is on the lower scale of most potent sativa strains. Its THC content is 21%, and its CBD is 1%. It makes people very energized and ignites creativity. The flavors include tea, gas, and strawberry.


Another 21% THC hybrid is called Runtz. The CBD content is 0%. It makes smokers talkative and giggly. It has a sweet taste with fruity and berry flavors.

Apple Fritter

This sativa and indica hybrid has a 24% THC content and 0% CBD content. It is very relaxing but also makes people giggly and tingly. The flavors include butter, cheese, and apple.

Gary Payton

This cannabis strain contains 23% of THC and 1% of CBD. It is great for relaxing and feeling talkative. This strain has an interesting apricot flavor with lavender notes.

Lemon Cherry Gelato

The THC content in this hybrid marijuana strain is 24%. The CBD percentage is 1%. It is relaxing and makes smokers tingly. The taste is lemony and citrusy with berry notes.


This cannabis strain called Skywalker has a 23% THC and 3% CBD content. This is a hybrid with sleepy and euphoric effects. It tastes of sage, blueberry, and spice.


This hybrid weed strain has 21% of THC and 1% of CBD. People usually feel relaxed and hungry after smoking it. The taste is vanilla and honey but also gas.

GMO Cookies

This is an incredibly powerful hybrid with 28% THC content and 1% CBD. The effects are very calming and make people sleepy. The flavor is pungent and also reminds diesel.

White Truffle

This is a hybrid marijuana strain with rather high potency. Its THC content is 25%, and its CBD is 0%. It has a relaxing and arousing effect on people. The taste is nutty and buttery with skunky notes.

Gush Mints

This potent hybrid has 26% of THC and 1% of CBD. It is extremely calming and makes smokers sleepy. It also has a tingling effect. The flavors are pepper, mint, and nuts.

Sundae Driver

The THC content in this marijuana hybrid is 22% and CBD is 1%. It makes smokers happy and giggly and offers a relaxing effect. The flavors include grape and vanilla.


This cannabis strain is pure indica type. It has 21% of THC and 1% of CBD. Because it is indica, it makes people sleepy, hungry, and relaxed. It is known for its sweet berry flavor.


This one is a hybrid with a quite high potency of 24% THC. The CBD content is 0%. It has an uplifting effect and makes people talkative and giggly. The flavors are tropical and have peachy notes.


This is another hybrid with a 24% THC and 1% CBD content. People find this strain very energizing and uplifting. The taste is ammoniac, lemony, and peppery.

Georgia Pie

This is a sativa and indica hybrid with a 24% THC content and 1% CBD. After smoking it, people are happy and hungry. The flavors are peach and apricot.
Check out this table to compare some of the most potent strains on the current market.


StrainTHCTypeEffectsLowest Price
Godfather OG30%HybridSleepy, relaxed, euphoric£60.00
Wedding Cake24%HybridRelaxed, aroused£42.00
Kush Mints28%HybridEuphoric, aroused, relaxed£55.00
Ice Cream Cake22%IndicaSleepy, hungry, relaxed£70.00
MAC22%HybridHappy, uplifting, relaxed£57.00
Bruce Banner21%HybridCreative, energized£55.00
Runtz21%HybridHappy, talkative, smiley£62.00
Apple Fritter24%HybridTingly, relaxed£62.00
Gary Payton23%HybridRelaxed, talkative£48.00
Lemon Cherry Gelato24%HybridGiggly, relaxed£70.00
Skywalker23%HybridEuphoric, sleepy, hungry£42.00
Biscotti21%HybridRelaxed, hungry, tingly£30.00
GMO Cookies28% HybridSleepy, relaxed£68.00
White Truffle25%HybridRelaxed, aroused, tingly£80.00
Gush Mints26%HybridSleepy, relaxing£42.00
Sundae Driver22%HybridRelaxing, happy£32.00
Slurricane21%IndicaHungry, relaxing, sleepy£30.00
RS1124%HybridUplifting, talkative £105.00
Gelonade24%HybridEnergizing, uplifting£30.00
Georgia Pie24%HybridHungry, happy£80.00

The number of marijuana strains increases each year as many growers come up with new varieties all the time. There is also a tendency to create more potent strains as there is a high demand for high THC cannabis strains. While some of the most potent weed strains were about 20% THC not a long time ago, this percentage is over 30% today. It is expected that even stronger varieties will appear in the following years.


If you want some pure and strong sativa, you will love Durban Poison. It is the most potent sativa strain with about 20% THC that can be bought right now.

When looking for a potent indica strain, Ice Cream Cake is one of the strongest. It has 22% THC content, which makes it a top-tier potent strain in this category.

The strongest hybrid strain is considered Godfather OG, which is also the most potent kind of weed overall right now with 30% THC. If you are looking for the most powerful cannabis strain, this is what the current market has to offer.