Every time you begin learning about something new, there will be a lot of questions. For example, newbie smokers always want to know how many grams are in an ounce of weed. This is because weed is usually sold in ounces and fractures of an ounce, which might be difficult to comprehend in terms of grams and visually when you are buying marijuana. It might sound confusing at first, but you can use this simple guide to navigate through weed measurements, things you will need to weigh cannabis, and other helpful info.
When it comes to cannabis measurements, you can check the table below and see the most common quantities among weed users, as well as their translation in grams.


1 pound448 grams
1 ounce28 grams
½ ounce14 grams
¼ ounce7 grams
⅛ ounce3,5 grams

Whenever you are buying weed or packing your marijuana, it is convenient to look at the table for precise measurements.

Understanding Cannabis Measurements

When you decide to purchase some weed, there are a lot of things to take into account. You will face a number of choices, from picking a strain you want to try out, such as Wedding Cake, Lemon Haze, or others, as well as the amount you want to buy. For beginners, it can be difficult to understand how much weed you might need to satisfy your needs. In addition, marijuana is normally sold in ounces and its fractures, which means you will need to know the amount of grams in each measurement.
The smallest amount people usually buy at dispensaries is 1 gram. The next smallest amount is ⅛ oz., which equals 3,5 grams. Then there are ¼ oz., ½ oz., and one ounce. An ounce of cannabis is quite a lot and can last for weeks. Casual weed smokers commonly buy an eighth. This is the most popular measurement as it is enough to roll a few joints.

Basic Cannabis Weighing Equipment

More experienced smokers can more or less tell the weight of weed just by looking at the number of buds. However, it is impossible to be precise this way as all marijuana strains have different densities. You can grab a quarter of one strain, and it will look like a lot visually, but the next time, you might want to try something else and receive a visibly smaller amount. This is because less dense buds can be the same size as the denser ones but weigh much less.
To receive precise measurements, it is necessary to use the right scales. Kitchen scales can be used, but they need to be very sensitive, as you will be dealing with quantities as small as 1 g. It is better to invest in specialized scales for weighing marijuana if you plan on checking the exact amount that you are getting rather often. There are also a few cheats and tricks if you were wondering how to weigh weed without using scales:

  • Penny – one penny weighs 2,5 grams. You can use a ruler as a makeshift scale, placing it on something to balance. Place a penny on one side of the ruler and a bud on the other. If the ruler becomes even, this means you have 2,5 grams of weed.
  • Nickel – the idea is the same as with a penny method, but this time, you will need a nickel. If you have something long to balance on other things and use as a scale, you can also use a nickel that weighs 5 grams.
  • Special apps – it is possible to find a mobile app for everything these days. Weed weighting apps also exist, and you can download one on your smartphone to try. Of course, they are not entirely reliable, but you might have at least a general idea of how much weed you have.

Overall, you should be fine buying cannabis from reliable dispensaries. However, if you want to verify everything or are growing your own marijuana at home, it is better to invest in a nice electronic scale.

Grams and Fractional Measurements

Even if you know how many grams are in certain marijuana measurements, you might want to have some idea of how this amount should look or how long it will last for you. Here is some more info on the smaller amounts normally sold at dispensaries:

  • One gram – this is usually the smallest amount you can purchase. You will usually receive one bud that weighs 1 gram. Pre-rolled blunts sold at dispensaries also weigh as much. This is a nice amount for beginners or if you simply want to try a new strain like Glueberry, for example.
  • Eighth of an ounce – this is by far the most popular amount. It is not as small as one gram, which will only allow you to sample a strain, but a nice amount to roll a few joints.
  • A quarter of an ounce – this is 7 grams of cannabis, and it is a decent amount. You can roll quite a few joints with it and smoke a few bowls. If you want to try baking some edibles, this should be enough for starters.
  • Half an ounce – for casual smokers, this amount of weed can last a few weeks. More frequent smokers can finish this amount in about a week.
  • Hopefully, this will help with understanding how much you need to cover your personal needs.

    Ounces and Larger Quantities

    Now to the larger amounts of cannabis. Here is some info about the bigger measurements:

    • One ounce – in many places, this is as much as you can buy legally. Imagine a Ziploc the size of a normal sandwich – this is how much cannabis you are getting if you decide to purchase an ounce. Even heavy smokers will need about a month to tackle this amount.
    • Pound – there are 16 ounces of weed in one pound. This is also a little more than 450 grams. This is a huge amount of weed that can only be found at legal stores.
    • Most people do not even bother with these measurements as they are too big for most consumers.

      Tips for Weighing Cannabis

      As we have already established, you will need a mechanical scale to be able to measure everything precisely. Here are some tips on how to weigh your cannabis:

      • When choosing scales to buy, pick the ones with accuracy down to 0,1 grams.
      • Look at the capacity of the scales to be able to weigh the amounts you need.
      • You might also want to buy a scale that can be plugged instead of only running on batteries. This will save you some money.

      To conclude, the most important part is learning marijuana weight measurements. This will make it easier for you to decide how much cannabis you need to buy to try things out or to have something to smoke for a week or, maybe, a month. Sellers at dispensaries are always willing to help with choosing the necessary measurements and buying as much weed as you need. If you want to double-check that you receive the exact amount you paid for, it is handy to have a scale to be able to weigh your buds.