When people start getting into smoking marijuana, many things might be new, and it is important to educate yourself. One of the most common questions among newbie smokers is what is shake weed? This is not the kind of shake that you would drink, actually. You have probably seen those small particles left at the bottom of your bag or container with cannabis buds. These scraps are called shake and they can be used in a variety of ways. Read along to discover more about what’s shake weed and how to ensure that it does not go to waste.

What Is Weed Shake?

When transporting and storing marijuana flower buds, some particles and dust will inevitably fall off. All of these remnants collected on the bottom of your jar, container, or bag are called shake. When people start researching what is cannabis shake, they often think about kief or trim. These are all different things, although some kief and trim can be found in your weed shake. Here is how to differentiate them:

  • Kief – there is a part of the cannabis flower bud that is called a trichome. These trichomes produce a sticky resin-like substance, which is incredibly potent. People also collect the trichomes separately from the whole flower bud to process them and make kief, which is more potent than classic weed.
  • Trim – this is a mix of various parts of a cannabis plant. It includes leaves, trichomes, parts of the stem, etc. Only flower buds are usually smoked as the other parts of the plant contain only a tiny amount of cannabinoids.
  • Shake – while shake is mostly small particles that break off marijuana buds, there can be small amounts of kief and trim. Basically, all the dust and small pieces at the bottom of your weed container is a marijuana shake.
    • You can collect your own weed shake after smoking your premium buds or even purchase it at a dispensary.

      What are the effects of Cannabis Shake?

      When discussing cannabis shake effects, people often wonder, is weed shake weaker? And what does it do exactly? As for the potency, shakes are actually weaker than the buds themselves, as they also usually contain other particles of the cannabis plant. However, this does not mean that they will not have any effect on you. If you want to have the highest quality weed shake, it is important to collect it from one great quality cannabis strain, such as Wedding Cake, for instance. With a specific strain, you can be sure that there are no other kinds of marijuana, and this will help with predicting the effects your shake will have.
      Still, it is rather difficult to calculate the potency of a marijuana shake as it might contain different levels of THC. It is also crucial to buy shakes from reliable sellers to be certain that they do not throw the remnants of different strains into the mix.

      How to use Weed Shake

      If you see some weed shake left in your bag, do not throw it away immediately. There are tons of ways of putting it to good use. Here are some ideas on what to do with weed shake:

      • Smoke – the easiest thing that you can do with a weed shake is to simply smoke it. If you want something with lower potency than straight-up weed – this is a way to go.
      • Teas – while marijuana shakes have nothing to do with milkshakes, you can still drink them but in the form of teas. Simply add some of your shake to the tea leaves and make it sit for a few hours. Strain all the leaves and prepare your tea like you normally do, adding sugar, lemon, etc. or drinking it as is.
      • Edibles – this is another popular use for cannabis shakes. Many edibles exist, such as cannabis-infused butter, various oils, and even baking flour. You can use the weed leftovers to turn them into an edible of your choosing.

      There are even more uses for the shake weed. If you have some Banana Punch shake or any other kind of strain shake, you can also make tinctures, drinks, and more.

      Pros and Cons of Shake

      If you are still unsure about whether to use weed shakes or not, look through their pros and cons to be able to make a decision.

      • Price – shakes are usually much more affordable than premium buds. If you are not looking for particular potency and other effects, you might opt out for a shake instead of purchasing buds and save some cash along the way.
      • THC – while the potency of shakes tends to be lower than in buds, it does not mean that there is no THC at all. If your shake is not dry yet, you might still have a decent potency mix.
      • Convenience – if you want to roll a blunt with buds, you need to grind them first. With a weed shake, you can just grab it and smoke right away.
      • Getting high – in case your shake comes from a good quality strain, you can still get high from smoking it.


      • Inconsistency – you will not be able to detect the contents of your shake as different strains can go into it.
      • Getting trim – trim is something people do not smoke for various reasons. There is no point in smoking trim as it is a byproduct, and some parts of it can be found in shakes.
      • Dosage issues – if you are using cannabis for medical purposes, you should not use shake, as it is impossible to predict its dosage.

      As you can see, weed shake has its perks and disadvantages, just like any other recreational drug.

      Factors Affecting Marijuana Shake Quality

      There are a few things to look for in a good quality cannabis shake. If you want to get the best stuff, ensure that it is a shake from a single weed strain. Mixing various strains will affect the taste, potency levels, smell, effects, and other factors. As the parts of the shake dry, they also lose their potency. If you have some fresh shake from cannabis buds, you might want to use it until it dries up.
      Overall, weed shake often gets looked over, even though it is still quite useful. There are many different ways of incorporating cannabis shake, and you might do fun stuff with it too, so make sure to try it out and see for yourself.


Weed shakes are normally used in the same way as cannabis buds. This means smoking in all kinds of ways from blunts to bongs and vaporizers, using shakes for making pre-rolls, edibles, butter, and oils.

While a cannabis shake is usually not as potent as a full marijuana bud, it does not mean that it is bad. The quality of a weed shake depends heavily on your buds as these leftovers simply fall from your cannabis. Many smokers like marijuana shakes.

Yes, weed shakes are primarily used for smoking if you decide not to throw them away. Moreover, pre-rolled blunts that you find at dispensaries are often filled with cannabis shakes.