Marijuana, also known as weed, is a popular drug among those who seek recreational activities due to its psychoactive properties. One of the most frequent symptoms of using marijuana is bloodshot eyes, leaving many curious about its cause and potential remedies. This article will delve into the scientific explanation behind weed effects on eyes and offer advice on how to ease this discomfort. Whether you are a seasoned user or new to cannabis, comprehending the factors leading to red eyes and ways to mitigate it can enhance your overall experience by providing more comfort and enjoyment.

Weed eyes: The effect of cannabis on the eyes

Indulging in marijuana even of the highest quality, like Silver Haze, increases the likelihood of your peepers taking on a reddish hue, which is a frequent occurrence. This arises from the dilation of blood vessels in your eyeballs, leading to escalated blood flow and a decrease in intraocular pressure. As a result, your peepers may appear bloodshot or tinged with redness. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the active component in marijuana, is recognized for reducing blood pressure and elevating heart rate, resulting in increased blood flow throughout the body, including the eyeballs. In other words, exactly THC is responsible for this side effect.

It’s important to keep in mind that some people have a higher likelihood of having an allergic reaction to marijuana or smoke in general. This can cause a more noticeable redness of the eyes, which may look similar to that caused by exposure to other types of smoke. Furthermore, it could also lead to heightened sensitivity not only to cannabis and tobacco but also to perfumed incense. Therefore, if you belong to this group of individuals, it would be wise to exercise caution while smoking.

Although stoned eyes are a common side effect of consuming marijuana with high THC content, for example, Skywalker, they’re usually nothing to worry about as they’re only temporary. Nevertheless, if you’re uneasy about your red peepers or if they’re causing you any discomfort, there are numerous ways to ease this issue. Throughout the following sections, we’ll dive into some useful techniques to help you alleviate those cannabis eyes.

Do Edibles make your eyes red?

Although it’s often said that smoking or vaping marijuana leads to stoned eyes, some folks are curious if consuming edibles causes the same reaction. Surprisingly, the answer is affirmative. Eating edibles can indeed result in bloodshot eyes, albeit not as frequently as with smoking. When you eat edibles, the liver breaks down the THC and other cannabinoids, releasing them into your bloodstream. This process takes longer than smoking, meaning the effects of edibles may not be felt immediately, but they usually last longer.

Edibles can be tricky because the onset of red eyes is unpredictable, and they can creep up on you hours after consuming them. Nevertheless, the underlying mechanism is the same as with smoking: THC expands blood vessels, giving the peepers a reddish hue. To ease cannabis eyes resulting from edibles, the same remedies used for smoking can work wonders. Drinking lots of water and using eye drops can soothe your eyeballs and diminish redness.

Does CBD make your eyes red?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is another chemical compound that marijuana possesses and is gaining popularity due to its potential health advantages. CBD does not trigger the typical mind-altering effects that marijuana is known for, nor does it cause weed eyes. Rather, CBD has the potential to reduce redness and inflammation in the eyeballs because of its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant characteristics. People even utilize CBD eye drops to relieve dry eyes, allergies, and other eye-related illnesses.

It’s essential to mention that certain CBD products may contain minuscule quantities of THC, which could lead to marijuana eyes in certain individuals. However, these amounts are usually negligible and improbable to have any noticeable effects. On the whole, whereas THC can result in bloodshot eyes, CBD does not generate the same outcome and may even confer some eye health benefits. Nevertheless, if you have any concerns regarding red eyes or any other marijuana use side effects, seeking the advice of a healthcare professional is always prudent.

How to get rid of red weed eyes and not look stoned?

Though bloodshot eyes resulting from marijuana use are commonplace and not harmful, they can also be a dead giveaway that someone has partaken in cannabis. If you’re anxious about how to not look stoned, you can use various techniques to decrease redness and enhance your eyes’ overall appearance:

  1. Eye drops are a viable option for lessening redness in the eyes. Non-prescription brands such as Visine can contract blood vessels in the eyeballs, which reduces the redness. However, it’s essential to be mindful of how often you use them as frequent use can cause a rebound effect, resulting in more redness and dryness.
  2. Cold compress. Indulge your valuable peepers in a soothing and revitalizing therapy by using a cold compress or an ice pack. This simple yet effective technique can relieve puffiness and narrow down blood vessels, leading to a remarkable decrease in the redness of your eyes after weed.
  3. Rehydrating your parched throat with an ample intake of water can rejuvenate your whole body and boost the blood flow throughout your system, which may lead to a decrease in swelling and a rekindling of the enchanting radiance in your eyes.
  4. Grant yourself some respite. Indulging in a short nap or merely taking a breather to rest your eyeballs for a while can also soothe unease and alleviate the redness.
  5. Steer clear of the culprits. Maintaining a healthy distance from pesky triggers like smoke, dust, and allergens can aid in alleviating the irritation and uneasiness in your beloved peepers.


To sum up, red eyes from weed is a prevalent side effect that materializes due to the THC’s capacity to enlarge blood vessels in the eyeballs. Even though red eyes are typically innocuous, they may cause worry for certain people who prefer to steer clear of appearing impaired or catching undesirable notice.

Thankfully, there are numerous ways to mitigate redness and boost the look of your peepers, such as applying eye drops, using cold compresses, drinking plenty of water, getting ample rest, and sidestepping irritants. Moreover, it’s noteworthy that CBD, a non-psychoactive constituent of cannabis, doesn’t trigger marajuana eyes and could potentially aid in maintaining good eye health.

Taking everything into account, if your eyes turn red after consuming marijuana, there’s no reason to worry or feel self-conscious. There are various ways to lessen the redness and enjoy the benefits of cannabis without drawing attention to yourself. It’s crucial to consume marijuana responsibly and comply with local laws and regulations. Thus, don’t feel uneasy about the redness; just implement the necessary techniques to manage it and revel in your experience without inviting any unnecessary attention.