There are numerous marijuana strains available right now, but some of them are more popular than others. One of the well-known strains worldwide is the Wedding Cake weed strain. This strain and its crosses dominate the market today because of such high demand among smokers. It is important, however, to know that this kind of THC flowers is more potent and normally used by experienced smokers. Read along to find out more about the Wedding Cake weed history and other details.

What Is Wedding Cake Strain?

It is natural to look for some Wedding Cake strain info, especially when it is so popular. This cannabis strain is a crossbreed of two other strains, but the exact strains that resulted in the Wedding Cake are still debated. In any case, the Wedding Cake marijuana strain is considered indica because it is 60% of this species of cannabis. The other 40% are sativa strains. Some people call this strain Pink Cookies because of the two strains it was supposedly derived from. This strain is rather strong and is not recommended for beginner smokers. It is important to get used to THC first before trying this type of weed.

Wedding Cake Strain History

Wedding Cake is a hybrid created by a famous weed breeder Seed Junky. This breeder is well-known globally, even though he is from California. The wedding Cake strain was awarded as the best hybrid flower back in 2018 and has received many other titles ever since.
There are many myths surrounding the origins of this strain, which makes it more popular as well. Some of the strains that are believed to be the predecessors of this Wedding Cake are Triangle Mints, Cherry Pie, Girl Scout Cookies, and more. In any case, this is a hybrid, which means it combines both indica and sativa. This one, however, is indica-dominant.

Main Benefits of Wedding Cake Weed


The first thing that comes to mind when thinking about wedding cakes is a sweet taste of a vanilla dessert with cream and stuff. However, you should not expect a piece of cake when smoking this strain. The flavour is rather earthy and bready. It is also tangy because of the lemony aroma similar to the Lemon Haze. Overall, the taste is pleasant, although not exactly what you would expect right away.

Smell and Flavor

This is the smell that gave this strain its sugary name. It smells of vanilla frosting that you would normally find on a wedding cake. Some smokers say that it also smells like a sugar cookie. Either way, it smells sweet, and although the flavour is not very cakey, the vanilla aroma influences the taste as well.


Wedding Cake is one of the strains with a higher THC level. The content in this strain usually is higher than 25%. This means that newbies in the world of marijuana smoking should be cautious when trying this strain. It is recommended to try Wedding Cake only when you have enough experience with THC and know your tolerance and limits.
As for experienced weed smokers, here is how this strain will affect you. If you know how the Kush strain behaves, you will find Wedding Cake very much similar. Because Kush is assumed to be one of the ancestors of this strain, its properties are reflected in Wedding Cake. Smoking this type of cannabis will result in euphoria and relaxation. It kicks in quickly because of the high THC content. Wedding Cake makes smokers more creative and productive too. If you are smoking marijuana to open your mind and discover inspiration, this one is definitely worth trying.
Relaxation is one of the effects of the Wedding Cake weed as well. This is why people also use it to alleviate anxiety and help with depression. If you have trouble sleeping, high doses of this strain might be helpful. But again, make sure to be careful when smoking this potent strain, and do not push yourself if you have little experience.

How to Get Wedding Cake Weed in the UK?

Before looking for places to purchase this strain of weed, it is important to learn about the demand for Wedding Cake and the specifics of its growing. Even though it is rarely used by beginners because of its high THC levels, it is still insanely popular worldwide, and there is high demand. People use it rather often because of its potency, which also adds to the high interest in this strain. Wedding Cake weed is usually ready to be harvested by the end of October, and you can expect it to be in stock around that time. Nevertheless, you can purchase the dried buds at any time.
The homeland of this strain is California, and it is mostly grown in the US. To obtain the Wedding Cake weed UK, smokers need to use specialized websites like HUB420 for ordering the strain locally. This way, it is possible to order a delivery around the United Kingdom conveniently and safely.
In conclusion, the Wedding Cake strain is insanely popular all over the globe for its taste, aroma, and positive effects. If you have experience with higher THC contents in marijuana, you can try this weed out.


This strain is a hybrid of indica and sativa. It is indica-dominant.

This marijuana strain was bred by Seed Junky Genetics.

This strain is great for relaxing, relieving anxiety, and boosting creativity.