You are welcome to Hub420 — your trusted online weed shop in Newcastle. If you’re looking to explore the incredible world of cannabis, you’ve found the perfect destination. We offer a wide choice of high-quality products, including THC and Cali Flowers. Discover the finest Newcastle weed, learn where to find it, and find out more about our exceptional products. The answers to frequently asked questions are also in this review.

Types of Weed in Newcastle

If you are still looking for where to get weed in Newcastle just pay attention to our assortment. Our customers are provided with the whole number of product categories, such as: 

  • THC Flowers which are characterised by a higher HHC content.
  • Kief is made of buds with up to 50% concentration of THC.
  • Edibles, which containing the perfect amount of THC for consumers.
  • THC Vape Cartridges which are alternative to tobacco smoking.
  • THC Vape Pens, which are the perfect choice for vaping cannabis.
  • Pre-rolls which are blocks filled with ground-up cannabis flowers.
  • Shake which is the best alternative to entire flowers on its price.

Hub420 also provides CBD, Concentrates, Bundles, and Hash. Detailed information about each product as well as about our weed prices in Newcastle can be found on the corresponding pages.

The Best THC Flowers

This weed Newcastle category features the widest choice high-THC strains. We sure that every customer will find something here that suits his or her preferences perfectly. These best quality cannabis plant buds contain the highest THC concentration. Depending on the variety, it rises up to 30% of the substance. This is why it is not recommended to buy this weed in Newcastle for inexperienced customers.

The Best Cali Flowers

Hub420 Cali Flowers collection is sure to impress customers who really appreciate the best Californian-grown cannabis. Shiva Skunk, Rainbow Bud, LA Cake, and other popular sorts are renowned for their fantastic flavour, aroma, and potency. Despite the comparatively high prices of these products, their unique properties deserve the closest attention. We are proud to offer these sorts of weed in Newcastle.

Other cannabis products in our catalogue

The wide choice of THC flowers is completed with some other popular product categories. Hub420 offers Hash, THC Vape Pens, Bundles, Edibles, Kief, Pre-rolls, and other popular forms. Be sure that no weed dealers in Newcastle could provide such assortment of products. You will find all available cannabis types, their descriptions and prices in Hub420 catalogue.

How to get weed in Newcastle

There are three ways to get cannabis products in the city. They are:
  • Visiting local dispensaries, where you need a doctor's prescription.
  • Contact Newcastle weed dealers risking to receive bad quality product.
  • Enter the Hub420 website and buy weed online in Newcastle with comfort.
Our project is here to ensure you have access to the finest products available. We encourage responsible consumption in compliance with British laws.


You can choose our website, visit the offline dispensary, or contact local dealers. We recommend buying at safe sources only to ensure product quality.

There is no clear answer to this question. Everything depends on customers' personal preferences. Hub420 offers THC Flowers, Hush, CBD, edibles, and other types, allowing everyone to choose the product that suits their tastes and desired effects.

he price varies based on the type and quantity of the weed product you choose. For specific pricing details, please visit our website or contact our managers directly.

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