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With Stardawg strain concentrate.
500 mg per pack
100 mg per piece


*Stardawg is an sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain
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14 reviews for BONBONS

  1. Daily stoner here. These don’t really work on their own, but they can elongate a high if you take them at the right time as well as smoking. So, a j + one or two of these = ideal for a movie.

  2. I have quite a low to mid tolerance and they didn’t do much, had to take 2 to feel any effects and that was mild. Wouldn’t really recommend for experienced consumers, but it could have more of an effect on new comers. Definitely not as potent as described or as potent as they smell.

  3. 8 in a tin, working out to supposedly 62.5mg per bonbon. From experience I’d place them closer to 10mg each. Not at all worth the price. Don’t waste your money on edibles from here, you can get much better elsewhere.

  4. Quality edibles. 8 in a tin, working out to 62.5mg in each going by the 500mg per tin.

  5. Edibles never works for us… Not suere why… Have tried across the globe…and no different here

    I love bonbons but a bit too pricy

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