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Bubble Hash is a cannabis extract made by forcing flowers through progressively smaller filter bags until you get a concentrate. It’s typically made submerged in cold water. This means that unlike extracts like butane honey oil, bubble hash is made without a solvent. This makes the smoke cleaner, and the flavors and terpenes of the plant can be enjoyed even more.
Bubble hash is also more commonly smoked in a pipe and is not consumed using a dab rig like hash oil.
Bubble hash is composed of the trichomes of the cannabis plant. These trichomes contain very high levels of THC, as well as other cannabinoids and terpenes, making it a tasty and potent option that usually ranges from 30-60% THC.
Bubble hash is usually an unpressed, almost crumbly form, which can vary from a pasty to a powdery consistency. It can also vary in color, from blond to red and even black in some cases.


To smoke bubble hash out of a pipe, you’ll often hear that it’s necessary to use a “hash pipe.”
But the difference between a pipe you would smoke flower out of and many hash pipes you’ll come across is minimal.
When people refer to hash pipes, they’re often talking about a pipe with a tight mesh screen that prevents the small pieces of hash from falling through the pipe. Therefore, if you already have a pipe, you could put a tight mesh screen in its bowl and use it to consume hash.


Regular Pipe Instructions
1. Put a tight mesh screen in the bowl of your pipe.
2. Put some cannabis flower in the bowl. You only really need enough to provide a bed for the bubble hash. However, the amount of flower you put in the bowl is up to you and depends on your tolerance and personal preference. The more flower you put in the bowl, the more potent the high will be.
3. Cut up some small pieces of bubble hash. These pieces should look like little crumbs. The exact size doesn’t need to be precise. They should more or less be 1 or 2 mm square. But don’t worry about sizing them up with a tape measure. Just use your judgment. It’s not rocket science.
4. Put a few pieces of your bubble hash on top of the bed of cannabis in the pipe bowl. Try to rest the pieces of hash close to the sides of your pipe, rather than in the middle.
5. Using a lighter, hover the flame just above the pieces of hash while slowly inhaling. The flame should dance just above the pieces of hash. If the flame occasionally touches the bits of hash, that is okay too. The main objective is to vaporize the hash, rather than burning it. If you do this correctly for long enough, eventually you’ll see the hash start to bubble and will be able to pull vapor through the pipe.
6. Continue with step 5 for as long as you can, until your hash, or patience, runs out. Then, allow the flame to light the remaining hash and bed of flower. Inhale slowly, and finish the bowl as if you were smoking a regular bowl of cannabis flower.


How To Smoke Bubble Hash In A Hash Pipe

Some hash pipes—the best ones—are designed much differently than a normal pipe. Unlike a normal pipe that has one hole in the bottom of the bowl, hash pipes will have at least one small hole (often more) near the top of the bowl. That allows you to vaporize your hash at the bottom of the bowl, allowing the vapor to flow upwards and into the holes at the top of the bowl.
The step-by-step for smoking from a hash pipe is:
1. Cut up some small pieces of bubble hash. Similar to smoking in a regular pipe, you don’t need to be too precise. That said, aim for around 1 or 2 mm square. Again, you’re the judge, don’t overthink it.
2. Put a few pieces of bubble hash in the bowl of your hash pipe.
3. Use a “glass wand” to vaporize the hash. To do this, heat up the tip of your wand with a torch for about 40 seconds. You want to get the tip of the wand just hot enough that it almost turns red hot.
4. Gently press the tip of the glass wand against the hash in the bottom of your hash pipe. This will cause the bubble hash to produce vapor, which you then inhale through the pipe.
5. Exhale the vapor and enjoy.


Another Option: Bubble Hash Mixed With Flower And Rolled Into A Joint
One of the easiest and quickest ways to smoke bubble hash without any additional accessories or equipment is to roll it in a joint with a cannabis flower. The flower helps the hash burn evenly, providing that extra kick in a joint, adding flavor and potency.

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    Delicious high and excellent service

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    Very nice strong stuff you just don’t get a lot for your money, you’re better off getting black cheese hash as you get more for your money. But I love and recommend this website to everyone!

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    Brilliant intense smoke, quick delivery.

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    Got this bubble hash I was expecting something different a lot more softer,this stuff was rock hard,.Although I’ve never smoked bubble hash before I thought to give this a try but boy I was disappointed, no real flavor or buzz,I don’t even believe it’s even bubble hash.Then it comes to the price £70 for 2g,I would say that’s a crazy amount to pay.I would say should be £20 max.Now I hear it £80 for 2g ,up by £10 what a rip off.I don’t think I will purchase again ,I’ve seen half ounce for £180 far to expensive should be £120 -£140 so I won’t buy off these again.

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