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Purple Palm Tree Delight Strain UK

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Buy Purple Palm Tree Delight

Buy Purple Palm Tree Delight

Purple Palm Tree Delight is an Indica-dominant hybrid marijuana strain that likely originates from some exotic purple (possibly a Purple Haze cross) brought in from British Columbia to the US. The strain’s roots can be traced back to the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan.


This high-grade, high-THC, indica-hybrid cultivar escaped from a Russian research lab and made its way to Canada via seeds carried by a defector. Later, the CIA surreptitiously sold what became Purple Palm Tree Delight cannabis as part of a domestic, anti-communist operation. Underground retail networks in the US in the ‘80s gave the cultivar a variety of colorful names—Canadian P, B.C.P, “the P”—but the moniker “Purple Palm Tree Delight.”


Purple Palm Tree Delight results in whole body and mind relaxation, an experience you honestly must try before you deny it. Medical marijuana patients choose Purple Palm Tree Delight to help relieve symptoms associated with running up that road, running up that hill, running from a Demogorgon, or managing the kind of PTSD only the Upside Down can create. Pick up some Purple Palm Tree Delight weed for those nights when you’re settling in on the couch to binge-watch your favorite ‘80s-set supernatural drama while polishing off some pineapple pizza.


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29 reviews for Purple Palm Tree Delight

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  2. Nice high, more of a high than relaxing, kinda jangly, good quality.

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  4. Really nice strain il definitely buy again I ordered it yesterday and it came in the post today 5* as always

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  5. Very pleased with this batch of PP and at this slight discount well worth it. Slightly smaller buds on structure but never the less top quality smoke. Great purple hues and trichomes on this as I remember on other batches I have had of this. Taste some what like a Forbidden fruit within its lineage. It has A ray of different terps. Effects for me are uplifting but calming at the same time and eventually leaning towards more of a stoned feel but not to the point of being couch lock. Nice calming feel to it. I would say it is more of a relaxed smoke than a head high sativa. Good for them late afternoon and night sess. Super fast delivery. Great work guys! <3

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