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Shake. Like a lot of cannabis terms, it means different things to different people. And how people define shake does a lot to determine whether they love it or hate it.
These cannabis leftovers can be used in several consumption methods.


If you’re going to be using it for rolling a bunch of joints, or even making edibles, where the consistency of the bud doesn’t really matter for extraction purposes, you might as well get the best bang for your buck. Another great way to utilize shake—again, without actually getting stoned—is using it to make CBD-derived skin topicals. This method is a bit more time consuming, but it’s well worth the wait, especially with a “burning” passion for natural self care methods.


Using the remnants of your marijuana shake to make edibles is perhaps the best way to do just that. This way, you’re extracting all of the remaining THC from your flower and maximizing its potency in a highly-condensed form. We’d suggest making cannabutter out of your shake, as it’s a simple and relatively fast process that will certainly get you stoned…to say the absolute least.
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24 reviews for Silver Haze Shake

Based on 24 reviews
  1. Truly great service every single time! Ordered yesterday at 10am and it dropped this morning at 9am. Unbelievable NDD. Usually buy buds on here but this shake is awesome quality and in my top 5 strains of all time. Win/win. People moaning about setting up crypro and the time it takes need to remember this is not Ebay and be a bit patient. Keep up the great work hub420, my only source online nowadays

  2. Fantastic smoke due to its low odour it keeps people from knowing you had a smoke!

  3. Excellent shake ✌

  4. Bit if a pain setting up Coinbase and wallet but once set up it was ok (although I still don’t understand it all!). This is not too bad but …. being a heavy smoker it does disappear quite quickly! However it does seem very nice, hardly any twigs, and quite a few small nugs! Trying another one very soon!

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