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THC: 30%







High THC

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Effects of RAY-K 41 Weed Strain

 The high is just as clean as the burn. The stone is slightly more of a head high than the body, yet an excellent body height remains. We find the high to be very functional and this strain to be a tremendous all-day strain. 


Aroma Profile of RAY-K 41 Weed Strain

The aroma translates perfectly to the inhalation, retaining all the characteristics with sweet cherry and doughy cheese notes, while the exhalation continues with sweet cherry notes that become somewhat musky.


Genetics of RAY-K 41 Weed Strain

Ray-K 41 is one of the newest HI TECH strains. The genetics of this strain is the cross of the White Cherries and Gelato 41. A top-notch, top-shelf White Cherry Gelato. The nose of Ray-K 41 is very similar to that of a cherry cheese Danish. It is a mix of doughy cheese notes and sweet cherry notes. The Ray-K 41 sets the bar for the top shelf for exotic flowers these days. Easily one of the best strains on the market. 


*These high-quality RAY-K 41 weed strain buds were imported from California, home to the world’s most coveted weed strains.


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