THC Vape Pen 0.5mg

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THC Vape Pen:
– High grade THC Vape pen
– 100 vapes
– 1 vape equal to 4mg of THC
– Charger can be included per request

8 reviews for THC Vape Pen 0.5mg

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  1. justafan (verified owner)

    Purple punch vape, the best thing ever. I cannot leave a review for that one unfortunately, so I will just say it in here. I have tried all 3 vapes available, no regrets whatsoever. I feel like a “ninja”. I say this because I live on site at work with another 40 people, and I can confidently smoke whenever or wherever. Not a proper joint replacement, tho.

  2. justafan (verified owner)

    ‘ I can consider myself a regular. This product is amazing, but it would not replace a joint. It will be a great back up for a greatness strain from this website, especially if you want to be under cover. Great customer service

  3. Lisa Stewart (verified owner)

    Tastes gorgeous and is so discreet, you can taste it, but there is no smell in the room or on your breath. Nice, giggly high after 4 tokes. Great little vape, I will definitely buy again! Thanks again Hub420, you’re running a tight ship and I for one am a seriously happy customer with both products I’ve purchased.

  4. Sanj B (verified owner)

    A Big Hit in the household !
    Got this for my housemate and we vaped this a few times, it has no taste, just a lot of vapour like how you’d smoke a normal vape. It takes time to kick in but when it does, takes you into a nice little mellow, like you’re on a swing, crank up the edm or whetever you’re into, just chill scenes haha!
    Description says, you get a 100 puffs, I guess we took like 150 and it kept going, bang for your buck. Highly recommended.

  5. Trav Theberg (verified owner)

    Great vape product. Hits hard and better than the legal vape stuff in Canada!

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